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Vinyasa Yoga Retreats

Shiva Tattva Yoga School

Vinyasa Yoga Retreats

Shiva Tattva Yoga School

Vinyasa Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh, India – For A Perfect Getaway And Rejuvenation

4 days - 7 days - 10 days - 15 days

Shiva Tattva Yoga School welcomes you to its Vinyasa Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh! It will be a retreat of a lifetime for anyone who is keen about exploring yoga from the yoga capital of the world. Yoga teacher training with our school could be a lot of more fun along with learning the intrinsic principles of yoga with asanas and pranayam. Hence we term this as Yoga Retreat rather than a monotonous training program. In this retreat you will come across many great teachers of yogic principles, learn a lot about yoga philosophy, its origin and practices in India. You can interact with the teachers, guides and your yoga friends for a deeper understanding of this concept.

Advantage of our Yoga Retreat Program:

Our Vinyasa Yoga Retreats offer you a fun-filled way of learning yoga and its practical applications. We offer you facilities for comfortable stay, good and healthy satwik foods, good reads with numerous yoga literatures, good friends among your yoga teacher training colleagues and friends from outside. Our yoga holidays are packed with schedules of yoga classes on the riverbanks, trekking, walking down the town, meeting with yoga friends, exploring localities, dining out is a nice restaurant and visiting different places near Rishikesh. You will thoroughly enjoy this retreat with a disciplined training and vacation.

How to pack your luggage for this Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh?

If you are coming from a foreign land, you must be expecting to get a little guidance about your luggage for attending our Yoga Retreat Programs. We are delighted to present you a suggestive but important list of essentials that you may carry with you, while planning to attend a Yoga Retreat Program in Rishikesh.

Personal belongings:

  • A pair of yoga pants, flexies or sarongs (that are comfortable enough as a daily-wear and yoga practices)
  • 2-3 tops or T-Shirts (cotton or lycra is preferred here as they help to evaporate sweat quickly without feeling uncomfortable)
  • A few pairs of warm socks (to keep your feet warm in this cold climate)
  • Light-weight fleece or jersey cardigan
  • Long and loose shirts
  • Woollen-wear for the evening and during travel
  • A hat for protection from Sun-rays
  • Underwear and sleepwear
  • A pair of towels
  • Shawls (if you like them)
  • Slippers, flip flops, sandals
  • Most important:

  • Personal hygiene sets including tooth-brush, shampoo, cleaning liquids, sun-glasses, sunscreen lotions,
  • Prescribed medicines, international chargers, laptop chargers and ear-plugs
  • Travel Documents, Credit Cards, Passport, VISA, Loose cash, Tickets

If you like travel and don't like to carry all these burdens of such a long list of items, you may not worry at all. Everything is available here in the nearby markets, except the essentials like prescribed medicines and travel documents. We will help you to source these from the local markets if you prefer to travel light and stay in comfort.
Welcome to our Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh. We have various Yoga Retreat Programs ranging from 4 days, 7 days, 10 and 15 days. Book your availability in advance so as to avoid the last minute rush. We will make everything as comfortable as it could be done in Rishikesh for a finer vacation experience. We will also make sure to expose you to gather some lifetime memories through our exceptional Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh.
Book your preference today and enjoy your retreat in the most serene lands of Rishikesh.